UNO Asmara celebrates World Meteorological Day

Asmara – On 24 March the United Nations information office(UNO) in Asmara organized a workshop for representatives of ministries and civil society organizations to mark World Meteorological Day.
The workshop was organized in partnership with the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Civil Aviation Authority.
The guest speaker was Mr. Paulos Kahsai, the permanent representative of Eritrea to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).He pointed out that World Meteorological Day was being observed for the 15th time in Eritrea. In addition, he said Eritrea is endeavoring to tackle the challenges of poverty, education and food security.Following his address,participantsdiscussed the possibility of establishing a National Meteorological Agency.

The local media, including state owned television, radio and three newspapers covered the event. Banners in English, Arabic and Tigrinya along the main street of Asmara informed the public about the Day.