UN System in Eritrea commemorates International Day for Women

Asmara, Eritrea. The United Nations System in Eritrea marked International Day for Women on March 28, 2013. The commemoration event which took place at National Confederation of Eritrean

President of the NUEW delivering speech of the Day

President of the NUEW delivering speech of the Day

Workers was organized in partnership with National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW).

During the commemoration event the president of the NUEW highlighted that the Government of the State of Eritrea has harmonized international and regional conventions related to Human Rights and Gender including; CEDAW, the Beijing platform and COMESA Gender policy.

In her speech; the President of the NUEW revealed Women constitute 28% of the National Assembly and 27-34% of the six regional assemblies. Moreover, 4 out of 17 Ministers are women, while 22% of the total community judges nationwide are females.

Furthermore, there has also been great improvements in education, with School enrolment increasing from 70% to 92% in year 2005/06 to 2010/11 in the primary level. In addition to thats, the maternal mortality rate has been reduced by more than 50%.

P1000244Representing the UN Country Team in Eritrea, the UN Resident Humanitarians Coordinator welcomed the invitees and joined the NUEW’s president in congratulating the Eritrean people on the very special occasion marking the Women’s Day. Christine N. Umutoni making remarks
The RC highlighted that the UN has convened a number of international and regional conferences to make sure that members states remain committed on issues of equity and equality of men and women in socio-economic fabrics and ensure that they are treated as equal human beings.

The RC also underlined, while significant changes in attitudes towards women emancipation and gender equality is being achived in this modern world, with greater capabilities, opportunities and choices for women as more women are joining the boardroom of professionalism. There are however, great challenges ahead for all stakeholders on women and gender equality.
This challenges are further revealed in recent figures showing alarming statistics concerning women indicate that more than 1440 women also die daily due to preventable pregnancy related causes and some 100-400 million girls also undergone FGM/C. “This alarming statistics constitute a hindrance to the speedy realization of women empowerment and the advancement of society in general” underlined the UNRC.
Partial view of the participants

The Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework (SPCF) has given a priority for Gender and empowerment of women as key strategic areas of cooperation with the Government of the State of Eritrea.

Government Ministers, Ambassadors, UN Heads of Agencies, civil society organizations, diplomatic corps, religious institutions and the general public were among the dignitaries in the commemoration event.
The event was colourfully decorated by an exhibition of handcrafts produced by women and musical and cultural shows.